To empower the next generation of global citizens through quality education aimed at developing innovative world leaders and compassionate social activists determined to create a more peaceful world.


Paisley’s Pals wants to empower the next generation of superheroes by raising global awareness, access to quality education, and spark opportunities to create a more peaceful world. By promoting education for sustainability, we hope to inspire critical thinking and collaborative action as a catalyst for social innovation. We believe all kids have the power to change the world, and by developing compassionate social activists and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, we can strengthen communities and find creative solutions to our shared global challenges. We envision a world where ALL children have equal say in their future, and by using voice and choice while practicing empathy and compassion, we hope to shape our future world leaders and social activists, makers and doers, innovators and changemakers, all focused on creating a more sustainable planet. When action meets compassion, the real heroes can begin to shine.

Core Values

Empathy – Radiating compassion and continuously promoting the wellbeing of others, we strive for a community and a world filled with people who have the ability to reach outside themselves and walk in someone else’s shoes. We seek true compassion, dignity and hope to empower underserved children and to not only place the tools in their hands needed to decrease their vulnerability, but to also restore dignity and give hope for a purposeful future.

Diversity – Leveraging existing relationships deeply embedded within communities and other aid organizations, we embrace collaboration, with all different cultures, races, and countries to create unique possibilities and long-lasting solutions. We strive to cultivate and develop diverse leaders with unique perspectives and experiences with a commitment to working alongside local leaders and established community programs currently fighting for equal human rights and social justice for all marginalized communities.

Courage – Paisley’s Pals has the courage for nonviolent resistance to all forms of exploitation and social injustice wherever it might be found. We have the moral fortitude and social awareness to challenge assumptions and biases that are embedded within our society, as well as, the moxie to ask the hard questions and shed light on the dark places in the world. With bold creativity and continuous improvement, we encourage people to look past the brokenness and cracks on the outside to reveal the true superhero inside.

Community – Focused on tangible, lasting results and an enduring impact, Paisley’s Pals is a love-based organization that is working to build a community of changemakers, a squad of encouragers, and crew of includers. Operating in a way that ensures our work is informed by the opinions and perspectives of the communities we serve, we strive to create possibilities and pathways out of poverty and crisis.

Integrity – We believe total transparency speaks volumes about the character of our organization. Operating with the highest ethical standards to maximize donor impact, we believe in a solution-focused approach rather than activity-based. We promise to continuously gauge the specific impacts of all programs with frequent and timely feedback.