With your donations, the non-profit organization Paisley’s Pals will build the Rahmah School in an existing structure connected to Team Humanity’s “Hope and Peace Center”, which is currently the only safe place for the children of Moria to play. Each dollar donated will go towards the initial construction of the school, necessary learning supplies, and the cost of leasing the space. Depending on the level of funding, the project will create additional opportunities to provide clean drinking water, food, and shower facilities, which are luxuries we so often take for granted.

Meet 6-year old making a Global Impact

Since starting Paisley’s Pals in 2018, Paisley has already touched the lives of thousands and received praise and attention from all over the world. From Mexico City, Mexico down to Nicaragua and as far away as Greece, and Rwanda, Paisley’s humanitarian work is garnering global attention.

Incredibly, earlier this year Paisley was nominated for the Nansen Refugee Award handed out by the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency). This prestigious award has been given to people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Senator Edward Kennedy for their charitable work.

When Paisley is not busy building schools, collecting books or packing blessing bags, she loves surfing, playing with her baby brother Hayes, learning about geography and traveling around the world. Peru is the #1 place on her Bucket List, and she hopes to become an architect or an engineer one day and maybe even win a Nobel Peace Prize. She looks up to Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg and Marley Dias.