Designed to captivate, engage and challenge young minds, the SHINE box fosters the urge for collaborative action while stimulating the organic process of learning. This mobile classroom allows students to overcome geographic barriers and communicate and collaborate with peers in other countries, while developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to contribute to a healthy and sustainable future.

With lessons tailored to understand the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this fully stocked makerspace will help learners find innovative ways to impact the global issues they explore, while connecting with others through a sense of common humanity. Paisley and her friends at NuMinds Enrichment have been vigilant in creating open-source lessons that will encourage children to thrive as constructive, innovative thinkers and encourage students to envision themselves as agents of change.

With the first prototype completed, Paisley is working hard to make SHiNE box 2.0 completely out of sustainable resources and significantly smaller. Additionally, Paisley is hoping to add offline learning, digital portfolios and block chain technology to document learning. Believing the roadmap to a better humanity should be introduced and explored in every classroom on earth, the SHINE box will cultivate resilience, collaborative learning and peaceful conflict resolution by combining fun, hands-on projects with a portable STEAM lab.


Geneva, Switzerland

Shine Box prototype unveiling. Paisley will be attending the first-ever Global Refugee Forum co-hosted by UNHCR and Switzerland.

Lesvos, Greece

December 2018- Paisley raised just over $1000 for Team Humanity and the children stuck in the Moria refugee camp. She did a hot chocolate stand, 3 “rip Wrap stations” – where she gift-wrapped Christmas presents for a donation, and a pancake breakfast. the $1000 went to provide weatherproof shelter for the women’s center next to the Hope and Peace Center.

Paisley raised over $20,000 to help establish an Education Center alongside Team Humanity, and her friends at When We Band Together.

FlowerMound, Texas

February 2019 Paisley hosted a “Helping Heroes” event during a Friday night out service at the Islamic Foundation of Lewisville and FlowerMound. 20+ children came together for the evening to learn about the current refugee crisis and to decorate superhero capes for the children stuck in the Moria Refugee Camp. Paisley taught the children ( ages 8-12) about what these children have been through, where they were fleeing from and enjoyed making capes to send to Greece.

Mexico City

November 2018- Paisley brought 500+lbs of first aid supplies and basic hygiene items down to the UN camp at the Estadio Jesus Martinez “Palillo”. She hand packed hundreds of blessing bags with a toothbrush, toothpaste, new socks, sunscreen, aloe vera, toiletries, protein packs, handwritten notes in Spanish, a love for the children, nonperishable snacks, lotion, first aid ointment, etc. She hand delivered them and spent some time inside the UN camp meeting some of the children and families that fled Central America.

Grapevine, Texas

Paisley spent the summer of 2019 putting on Lemonade stands, handing out fliers in her community, distributing “CHANGE” jars to local business to collect loose change, and setting up a Crowdfunding Site to raise a total of $20,000.

Tola, Nicaragua

July 2019. Next week Paisley will bring 100+ pounds of learning materials, school supplies, and books to the Tola International School. She will be giving a small presentation about her humanitarian work and hopefully inspiring some of these kids to become global citizens of change.