Help Paisley Empower the Next Generation

Paisley’s Pals is a global non-profit organization started after Paisley Elliott learned about refugees in preschool. Radiating compassion and a love for geography, Paisley is determined to change the world. Paisley’s Pals is a love-based organization that is working to build a community of changemakers, a squad of encouragers, and a crew of includers. With bold creativity and a desire to create a more inclusive world, Paisley’s Pals is focused on raising global awareness and access to quality education. Building a more peaceful and sustainable planet requires every child to take direct, tangible action in their own backyard. We believe all kids have the power to change the world, and by developing compassionate social activists and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, we can strengthen communities and find creative solutions to our shared global challenges.

"We are changemakers and peacemakers. We WILL lead the way!"

- Paisley

Help Paisley Empower the Next Generation

Radiating compassion and determined to create a more inclusive world, 8-year-old Paisley Elliott is making a global impact. After witnessing the ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness of children in a refugee camp, Paisley co-created a mobile learning platform to empower children around the globe.

Harnessing the transformative power of education, the SHINE box is a portable, mixed-age STEAM learning platform designed to be a catalyst for social innovation and to inspire interest in science, technology, and engineering. With a goal to empower the next generation of global citizens through imaginative lesson plans, the SHINE box curriculum sparks opportunities to understand the Sustainable Development Goals, and to find creative solutions to our shared global challenges. We envision a world where ALL children have equal say in their future, and by using voice and choice while practicing empathy and compassion, the SHINE box hopes to shape our future world leaders and social activists, makers and doers, innovators and changemakers, all focused on creating a more peaceful world.